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File:101 Dalmatians The Series OpeningFile:101 Dalmatians The Series Title Card.pngFile:2 Stupid Dogs Opening
File:2 Stupid Dogs Title Card.pngFile:90sWiki.pngFile:ABC Logo.png
File:Aaahh!!! Real Monsters OpeningFile:Aaahh! Real Monsters Title Card.pngFile:Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Opening
File:Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Title Card.pngFile:Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3.pngFile:Aeon Flux Opening
File:Aeon Flux Title Card.pngFile:Aladdin OpeningFile:Aladdin Title Card.png
File:All Dogs Go To Heaven The Series OpeningFile:All Dogs Go to Heaven The Series.pngFile:Angry Beavers Title Card.png
File:Animaniacs OpeningFile:Animaniacs Title Card.pngFile:Back to the Future Title Card.jpg
File:Barnyard Commandos OpeningFile:Barnyard Commandos Title Card.pngFile:Batman Animated Series.jpg
File:Batman Beyond OpeningFile:Batman Beyond Title Card.pngFile:Batman The Animated Series Title Card.jpg
File:Batman The Animated Series Title Card.pngFile:Batman The animated Series OpeningFile:Beavis and Butt-Head Opening
File:Beavis and Butthead Title Card.jpgFile:Beetlejuice OpeningFile:Beetlejuice Title Card.png
File:Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot OpeningFile:Big Guy and Rusty the boy robot - Title card.pngFile:Biker Mice From Mars Opening
File:Bikermice from Mars Title Card.jpgFile:Bikermice from Mars Title Card2.jpgFile:Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure Opening (Season 1)
File:Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures Opening (Season 2)File:Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures Title Card.pngFile:Bobby's World Opening
File:Bobby's World Title Card.pngFile:Bonkers OpeningFile:Bonkers Title Card.png
File:Bureau of Alien Detectors Title Card.pngFile:CBS Logo.pngFile:CBS Logo 2.png
File:CN Studios 1st logo.pngFile:CN Studios Logo 2.pngFile:CN Studios Logo 2 White.png
File:CN Studios Logo 3.pngFile:CN Studios Logo 4.pngFile:Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Opening
File:Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Title Card.pngFile:Captain Planet OpeningFile:Captain Planet Title Card.png
File:Captain Simian & the Space Monkeys OpeningFile:Captain Simian Title Card.pngFile:Cartoon Network Logo.png
File:Cartoon Network Logo92.jpgFile:Celebrity Deathmatch OpeningFile:Celebrity deathmatch logo.jpg
File:ChipDaleLogo.jpgFile:Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers Intro HQFile:Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers Intro HQ-0
File:Coast to Coast Title Card.jpgFile:Comedy Central Logo.pngFile:Comedy Central Logo2.png
File:Communitylogo.pngFile:Courage The Cowardly Dog OpeningFile:Courage the Cowardly Dog Title Card.jpg
File:Cow and Chicken Title.jpgFile:Cow and Chicken intro and credits (HQ)File:Cowboy Bebop Opening
File:Cowboy Bebop Title Card.pngFile:Creepy Crawlers OpeningFile:Creepy Crawlers Title Card.png
File:Cybersix OpeningFile:Cybersix Title Card.pngFile:DBZ Title Card.jpg
File:Daria OpeningFile:Daria Title Card.jpgFile:Darkwing Duck Opening
File:Darkwing Duck Title Card.jpgFile:Dexter's Laboratory OpeningFile:Dexter's Laboratory title.jpg
File:Dial M for Monkey.pngFile:Disney's Doug OpeningFile:Disney's Hercules Opening
File:Disney Afternoon logo.pngFile:Disney Logo.pngFile:Donkey Kong Country Opening
File:Donkey Kong Country Title Card.pngFile:Double Dragon OpeningFile:Double Dragon Title Card.png
File:Doug Title Card.pngFile:Dragon Ball Z Opening (Original English)File:Ducktales Intro (1080p)
File:Ducktales Title Card.pngFile:Earthworm Jim OpeningFile:Earthworm Jim Title Card.jpg
File:Ed, Edd N Eddy OpeningFile:Ed, Edd n Eddy.jpgFile:Esempio.jpg
File:Example.jpgFile:Extreme Dinosaurs OpeningFile:Extreme Dinosaurs Title Card.png
File:Extreme Ghostbusters OpeningFile:Extreme Ghostbusters Title Card.pngFile:FOX-Network-Logo.jpg
File:Family Dog OpeningFile:Family Dog Title Card.pngFile:Fantastic Four Opening (Season 1)
File:Fantastic Four Opening (Season 2)File:Fantastic Four Title Card.pngFile:Favicon.ico
File:Felix the Cat (intro series 2) 1995 a.k.a. The Twisted Tales of Felix the CatFile:Fievel's American Tails OpeningFile:Fievel's American Tails Title Card.png
File:First-Run Syndication.pngFile:Fish Police OpeningFile:Fish Police Title Card.png
File:Forum new.gifFile:Fox Kids Logo.pngFile:Freakazoid! Opening
File:Freakazoid Title Card.jpgFile:Garfield and Friends intro - 1st SeasonFile:Garfield and Friends logo.jpg
File:Garfield and friends title.pngFile:Gargoyles OpeningFile:Gargoyles Title Card.png
File:Godzilla The Series OpeningFile:Godzilla Title Card.pngFile:Goof Troop Opening
File:Goof Troop Title Card.pngFile:Hanna-Barbera Logo (Swat Kats).jpgFile:Hanna-Barbera Productions Logo 2.jpg
File:Hanna-Barbera Productions Logo 4.jpgFile:Hanna-barbera productions-logo.jpgFile:Hanna Barbera Logo 3.jpg
File:Hercules Title Card.pngFile:Heroes-on-hot-wheels.jpgFile:Hey Arnold! Opening
File:Hey Arnold Title Card.pngFile:Histeria! Title Card.jpgFile:Histeria Opening
File:Home Movies Title Card.jpgFile:Hulk.pngFile:I Am Weasel Opening
File:I Am Weasel Title.pngFile:Iron Man Season 1 OpeningFile:Iron Man Season 2 Opening
File:Iron Man Title Card.pngFile:Johnny Bravo OpeningFile:Johnny Bravo Title.png
File:Jonny Quest The Real Adventures OpeningFile:Jonny Quest Title Card.pngFile:Jumanji The Animated Series Opening
File:Jumanji Title Card.pngFile:Kids WB Logo.pngFile:King Arthur Title Card.png
File:King Arthur and the Knights of Justice OpeningFile:Life with Louie OpeningFile:Life with Louie Title Card.png
File:Madeline OpeningFile:Madeline Title Card.jpgFile:Mega Man Opening
File:Mega Man Title Card.pngFile:Men in Black The Series OpeningFile:Men in Black The Series Title Card.jpg
File:Mighty Ducks OpeningFile:Mighty Ducks Title Card.pngFile:Mike, Lu & Og Opening
File:Mike Lu Og Title Card.pngFile:Mission Hill OpeningFile:Mission Hill Title Card.png
File:Monster Rancher English OpeningFile:Monster Rancher Title Card.pngFile:Mortal Kombat Defenders of the Realm Opening
File:Mortal Kombat Defenders of the Realm Title Card.pngFile:Mtv-logo-Logo.pngFile:Mummies Alive! Opening
File:Mummies Alive! Title Card.pngFile:NBC Logo.jpgFile:New Tales from the Cryptkeeper Opening
File:Nickelodeon Doug OpeningFile:Nickelodeon Logo.pngFile:Original Kids WB logo.jpg
File:Pepper Ann OpeningFile:Pepper Ann Title Card.pngFile:Peter Pan & The Pirates Opening
File:Peter Pan and the Pirates Title Card.pngFile:Pirates of Dark Water Title Card.pngFile:Powerpuff Girls Opening
File:Powerpuff Girls Title.pngFile:ProStars OpeningFile:ProStars Title Card.png
File:Przykład.jpgFile:ReBoot Logo.jpgFile:ReBoot Opening
File:Recess OpeningFile:Recess Title Card.pngFile:Ren & Stimpy Title Card.png
File:Road Rovers OpeningFile:Road Rovers Title Card.pngFile:Rocket Power Opening
File:Rocket Power Title Card.pngFile:Rocko's Modern Life Opening (Season 1)File:Rocko's Modern Life Title Card.png
File:Roswell Conspiracies Aliens, Myths & Legends OpeningFile:Roswell Conspiracies Title Card.pngFile:Rugrats Opening
File:Rugrats Title Card.pngFile:SWAT Kats OpeningFile:Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century Opening
File:Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century Title Card.pngFile:Silver Surfer OpeningFile:Silver Surfer Title Card.png
File:South Park Opening (Season 1)File:South Park Title Card.jpgFile:Space Ghost Coast To Coast Opening
File:Space Strikers Title Card.pngFile:Spawn Opening and CreditsFile:Spawn The Animated Series Title Card.png
File:Spider-Man OpeningFile:Spider-Man The Animated Series Title Card.pngFile:Street Fighter Opening
File:Street Fighter Title Card.pngFile:Street Sharks OpeningFile:Street Sharks Title Card.png
File:Superman TAS OpeningFile:Superman The Animated Series Title Card.jpgFile:Swamp Thing Opening
File:Swamp Thing Title Card.pngFile:Swat Kats title.pngFile:TOP 20 CARTOONS THEN AND NOW
File:TaleSpin OpeningFile:Tales From the Crypt Keeper Opening (Season 1)File:Tales From the Crypt Keeper Opening (Season 2)
File:Tales from the Cryptkeeper Title Card.pngFile:Talespin Title Card.pngFile:Tenko and the Guardians of Magic Title Card.png
File:Tenko and the Guardians of the Magic OpeningFile:The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3 OpeningFile:The Angry Beavers Opening
File:The Incredible Hulk OpeningFile:The Justice Friends.gifFile:The Little Mermaid Opening
File:The Little Mermaid Title Card.pngFile:The Moxy Show (logo).jpgFile:The Moxy Show Title Card.png
File:The Pirates of Dark Water OpeningFile:The Savage Dragon OpeningFile:The Savage Dragon Title Card.png
File:The Tick OpeningFile:The Tick Title Card.pngFile:The WB Frog Logo.jpg
File:The WB Logo.pngFile:Timon & Pumbaa OpeningFile:Timon & Pumbaa Title Card.png
File:Tiny Toon Adventures OpeningFile:Tiny Toon Adventures Title Card.pngFile:Title-Detention.jpg
File:Toonami logos.gifFile:TwistedTalesFelix.jpgFile:UPN Logo.png
File:UPN logo 1.pngFile:UltraForce OpeningFile:UltraForce Title Card.png
File:Walt Disney Television Animation.jpgFile:WhatACartoon!.pngFile:Whatacartoon.jpg
File:Where's Waldo? OpeningFile:Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? OpeningFile:Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? Title Card.png
File:Wheres Waldo Title Card.pngFile:Wiki-backgroundFile:Wiki-wordmark.png
File:WildC.A.T.S OpeningFile:WildCATs Title Card.pngFile:Wild West Cowboys of Moo Mesa Opening
File:Wild West Cowboys of Moo Mesa Title Card.pngFile:Wild West Cowboys of Moo Mesa Title Card2.pngFile:World Premiere Toons Logo.png
File:X-MEN OpeningFile:X-Men The Animated Series Title Card.pngFile:Zazoo U Title Card.png

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