Heroes on Hot Wheels was an animated television series that aired on The Family Channel (now called Freeform) in 1990. It was produced not only by The Family Channel but also by Jetlag Productions.

This show was based off a French comic book called Michel Vaillant (here is America, an "a" was added to the first name) and also the Mattel Hot Wheels toy line.

Cast of CharactersEdit

The Heroes (Team Vaillant)Edit

  • Michel Vaillant (voiced by Michael Donovan)
  • Frank Vaillant (voiced by Ian James Corlett)
  • Henry "Pops" Vaillant
  • Hanna (voiced by Venus Terzo)
  • Steve Warson (voiced by Scott McNeil)
  • Julie Wood (voiced by Venus Terzo)
  • Quincy (voiced by Michael Donovan)

The Villains (Team Leader)Edit

  • The Leader
  • Ruth Wong (voiced by Venus Terzo)
  • Bob Cramer (voiced by Scott McNeil)
  • Fox

Home VideoEdit

The show spawned a set of twelve VHS video tapes packaged with an exclusive Hot Wheels car that wasn't sold separately.

Each video tape features two Hot Wheels cartoons and are approximately 45 minutes long.

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